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The Hesychia Herald -- Recipe of the Month: December 2022

re: CW: interpersonal conflicts
@monarobot Not particularly the ideal solution but I just end up keeping my distance more and more.

@malwaretech works for Pleroma instances too

@tiredkarateka orthodox friend! hello!

The noise environment analysis isn't perfect on it, the mic is pretty sensitive and even just talking at normal level close to your watch can trigger it.

I wonder if water on the microphone would lead to this more or less, also whether the use of water mode regularly to vibrate remnant water out plays a role.


Happy #thanksgiving, everyone!

@shojo You too! :)

@shojo Lions, such is the life of a Michigander 😁

@shojo Bills vs. Lions isn’t an option :c

@doersino …that’s a very good cat. I can’t possibly resist forgiveness in this situation. You are free to go.

@doersino sorry, animals of the proboscidea order and cats only - you're off to jail now

@eweish We thank you for this enlightenment. All hail massive bear.

@ben @aliceweber and my axe!- wait wrong reference

Does anyone know if verified links on profiles are a thing with #pleroma, and if so how?

Apparently #introductions are a thing on the fediverse now, so...

I'm Seraphim, an #Orthodox #Christian and #software #engineer from #Fenton, #Michigan. I'm in the #OCA Bulgarian Diocese, under Archbishop Alexander (Golitzin). I'm an active chanter in my parish, and I often spend my time contributing to Orthodox-related articles on #Wikipedia and updating information on #OrthodoxWiki. I'm the creator of the first and largest religious bot on #Discord, #BibleBot - which I still actively maintain and run the non-profit behind it, Kerygma Digital. I also run Hesychia, a general-purpose community for Orthodox Christians on Discord, which serves to be a sober-minded beacon amidst a sea of rigorism and rampant theological liberalism. If you're interested, you can join @

I'm happily married to the Australian #Gaelic legend, Don't mind me if I go around bragging her accomplishments. 😊 I'm currently learning #Scottish Gaelic as well, it's something quite important to the both of us and we're looking to raise our children in the language.

Finally, I'm an active member of the American Solidarity Party (#AmSolidarity), which I feel reflects the appropriate, sober-minded views that Orthodox Christians ought to hold.

developing Azure Functions feels like trying to get a black hole to dance

hello world ablobwave